Martine Jardin has been an artist since she was very small. Her mother guarantees she was born holding a pencil, which for a while, as a toddler, she nicknamed "Zessie"

She won several art competitions with her drawings as a child. Ventured into charcoal, watercolors and oils later in life and about 15 years ago started creating digital art.

She's created hundreds of covers for books for Zumaya Publications and eXtasy Books, private projects, and several for other publishers. Click on the links to view her art. Martine will take on private projects. Please email her for pricing.

She began writing at a very early age. Her first little story was published when she was six years old. She won several short story competitions when she was in her early teens. At age sixteen she became the writer and artist for a children's page in a magazine in South Africa.

Marriage and children kind of cut in on Martine's artistic abilities, but she never stopped writing, and began dabbling in oils. After the children grew up, she seriously threw herself into her writing career and her art. Upon discovering digital media, she started to create pictures on the computer that developed into creating covers for books.

Martine and her son live on the West Coast with her son in beautiful British Columbia.